Discipleship Training School

What is a DTS?

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a place where you will learn and experience the love of God in a deeper way.  It will train, disciple, and equip you to grow in your relationship with God, develop a solid biblical foundation, and serve others.  It is also a place where we will be grow together, walk along side each other, and pursue what we are passionate about. 

Lecture Phase

The lecture phase will teach you to know God in a direct and genuine relationship with Him through experiential learning . We will spend three months learning from different speakers and their knowledge and passion for God. We will focus on getting to know God’s Nature and Character, His Father heart, how He speaks to us, etc. We will also create an atmosphere where community is developed through times of intercession, worship, and friendship! As we focus on the refugee situation here in Greece, we will be serving in the refugee community center in Mytilini and going weekly into the refugee camp.

Outreach Phase

Outreach is your opportunity to reach, help, and ultimately impact the lives of people who are running from their own countries, fleeing war, and trying to start a new life. For this, we will spend three months on outreach where the need is clearly present, at hand’s reach. We believe this is the time for us to actively respond in love for the lost, times where we can be a light for those in need. We will be going to the Middle East for our outreach as we strive to serve and love the refugees there. 

Dates and Prices

Dates:  October 9, 2017 - March 30, 2018

Registration fee:  €30

Lecture Phase:  €2540

Outreach Phase:  €2000 - 2100

Language: English