As we are a pioneer base, presently our online finances are very kindly hosted by YWAM Biarritz.


When sending money online we ask that it be sent to them.


There are 3 ways that you can do this:

1. Transferwise (which we would thoroughly recommend getting for internationals). You can send money to, with a reference that includes your name, "Y Lesvos", and what the money is for; I.e. "Your Name - YWAM Lesvos DTS application Fee". If you do not have Transferwise yet, it is super easy to set up and super cheap compared to other ways.

2. Bank Transfer: If you are in the Euro-Zone, you can do a direct bank transfer, which will need you to use the details on the RIB below;


Please remember to put in a reference (I.e. Anon YLesvos DTS Applic Fee), or they will take the money as a generous donation!

3. PayPal. YWAM Biarritz does have a PayPal account, but it is much more expensive to use than transferwise. You'd send the money to, and have a reference for it (I.e. Anon YLesvos DTS Applic Fee).


IMPORTANT: Please be aware that if you select "Paying for Goods and Services" in PayPal, then PayPal gets the money for the transfer from us. This then means that we don't actually get the amount that we've asked for. Please ensure that we recieve the amount that's asked for, even if it costs a few dollars more.

Please email us if you have any questions! or

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